Wes Seigler owner of Seigler Fishing reels. Wes Seigler designs all the Seigler fishing reels. Wes Seigler fly fishing in the Seychelles
Wes Seigler
SEiGLER Fishing Reels Russell Seymour, Seigler Reels General Manager of operations . Fishing reel maker, Fishing reels made in Virginia

Russell Seymour

General Manager
Old Wise One
Liz Seigler
Office Manager
Mama Seigler
William Clark SEiGLER Fishing reels Machinist and CNC programmer, Machining in USA, SEiGLER Reels made in Virginia .
William Clarke
Machining CNC Programming
Young Talent
Jody Burd joined SEiGLER fishing Reels as a key man of our USA Made team
Jody Burd
Machining, Production and Karate Sensei
Old Talent
Will Gill
Master Story Teller
Christian D
Master Assembler
Young Talent